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Cheese Fondue

The colder months are already upon us in Wisconsin, making this the time of year for Cheese Fondue. I use my 15-year-old Hammered Copper Ruffoni Fondue set, but Cuisinart and All-Clad sets work great too. If your pot uses fuel, electricity or if you are using the simple pot on the stove method, a crackling fire in the fireplace is the perfect complement to this dish. And the forks…. you need the long fancy multi-colored forks to stab and dip your bread. These colors help keep track of who’s fork is who's, especially after a glass or two of wine with your guests.

Let’s be completely honest. Is in it very satisfying to make your cheese fondue from scratch? I have a very lovely recipe from The Culinary Institute of America, which I have used for years. BUT there is absolutely nothing like the simplicity and the quality of using the good old “box variety” fondue. The ingredients are the same as those found in a recipe. Almost every grocery store has a version of Box Cheese Fondue. You simply remove it from the box, heat it, add a little extra wine, garlic or nutmeg if you wish, and tell your guests that you slaved over their Cheese Fondue.

I like to serve mine with both Italian Country and Artisan Cranberry Walnut Clasen bread. The sweetness of the Walnuts and Cranberries pairs very well with the Cheese Fondue.

- 1 garlic clove, halved
- 1 cup dry white wine
- 8 oz Emmentaler cheese, grated
- 1 lb Gruyere cheese, grated
- 2 Tbsp cornstarch
- 1/4 cup Kirsch
- Tabasco sauce to taste
- Ground white pepper to taste
- Grated nutmeg to taste
- Bread, cubed

  1. Rub the inside of a pot with the halved garlic clove.
  2. Add the wine and place the casserole over a flame.
  3. When bubbles rise to the wine's surface, gradually add the cheeses, constantly stirring with a wooden spoon until the cheeses melt.
  4. Dissolve the cornstarch in the Kirsch. Stirring constantly, add the Kirsch slowly to the cheese mixture.
  5. Season the mixture to taste with Tobacco, salt, pepper, nutmeg.

To serve, place the casserole over a flame just high enough to keep fondue bubbling gently. Using long-handled fondue forks, dip the bread into the melted cheese.